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Dental Tips for a Beautiful Smile

Eat Better

Dentures can only deliver a small fraction of the biting force of natural teeth. With dental implants, patients can bite with forces close to that of natural teeth. Better chewing efficiency results in better digestion leading to improved health of patients

Speak Better

One fear, which denture wearers have, is that of their dentures coming out of their mouths when they speak. Implant supported prostheses are retained firmly to the jaw, allowing patients to speak with confidence.

Look Better

Implant supported crowns and bridges can be made to look very natural, with excellent aesthetics, which greatly enhances the patienta™s smile.

Feel Better

Implant supported dentures can be fabricated with reduced extensions, so that patients feel less bulk in their mouths while wearing their denture. With dental implants you wona™t have your dentures slipping and sliding in your mouth again and you will enjoy excellent fitted dentures.